What is VPS Hosting? How to use Virtual Private Servers?

what is vps hosting
Virtual Private Server is abbreviated as VPS and widely used as VPS worldwide. VPS hosting is one of the most in-demand hosting services that you can choose for hosting your website. In this blog, we will cover what is VPS hosting and how to use virtual private servers to clarify every minute details you may have. This will ease your process to further choose a particular hosting service for your own company as well.
Virtual Private Servers uses virtualization technology in which you are provided with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t need to share your server resources being used by your website with other users. You have access to dedicated RAM, CPU and other resources adhering to your website hosting needs. It is considered as a more stab;e and secure solution than shared hosting. But it is not the same as dedicated hosting. It’s a smaller scale and cheaper than renting an entire server dedicated for your website itself. We will walk through how VPS hosting works in the coming segment.
VPS hosting is chosen by website owners who expect or already experience medium level traffic that just exceeds the limits of a shared hosting plan. But the traffic is not high enough to rent an entire server with dedicated powerful resources. VPS solutions mostly offer more than one hosting plan. For example, Nyki Cloud has flexible VPS hosting plans to ensure flexibility and versatility supporting various business needs allowing you to scale your site seamlessly along with more resources.
Now let’s quickly jump to how does actually VPS hosting works. This segment will help understand what is VPS hosting in a much better manner.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

A server is simply a computer on which your web host stores all the files and databases necessary for your website. You can consider this as a storeroom but not in your house. Whenever you need something you can visit the storeroom and get them. A server is quite similar but in the online space. Whenever an online visitor accesses your website, the browser sends a request to your server and lists the files demanded by the user. The server then transfers the necessary files through the internet. VPS hosting provides you with a virtual server that is a simulation of a physical server. But actually in reality the machine is shared among several users.
The main technology underlying is virtualization technology. Using this virtualization technology your provider installs a virtual layer on top of the Operating System(OS) of the server. This layer helps in dividing the server into various partitions and gives access to each user to control their part and install their own OS and software.

So in conclusion a virtual private server(VPS) is both virtual as well as private because you have full control of the server. It is also separated from the other users of the same server on the OS level. VPS technology is exactly similar to creating partitions in your computer when you wish to have more than one OS in your system without a reboot.

When you use a VPS server you get to set up your website within a secure and stable container with guaranteed resources (memory, disk space, CPU etc.). And most importantly you don’t need to share them with anyone else. With the power of VPS hosting you have the exact same root-level access as you would have had if you opted for a dedicated server but at a much lower cost.

How to use a Virtual Private Server?

So far we have discussed what VPS hosting is and gathered various basic knowledge about the virtual private server. We have seen website hosting as one of the main functions of a virtual private server.
But there are many other ways we can use a VPS. How to use a Virtual Private Server that can provide you benefits beyond the standard hosting plans. Some of the most common uses of VPS can be:
  • Hosting a Personal Server
    Although VPS doesn’t provide you access to the high computational power a dedicated server can provide. But a VPS server can perform similar tasks quite efficiently. There are certain VPS servers that can run even on small VOIP servers.
  • Additional
    It is quite observed about the growing concern among people about cloud services. There is a valid concern that cloud services can be unsafe to use, with very recent cases of data leaks and security breaches by top tech companies of the world. These cloud services can also come with a lot of costs and prove quite expensive.
    But it is also eminent that keeping the most important files in a VPS configured with proper security measures can prove to be safer and cost-effective than many other methods. It also helps in getting rid of those bulky and pesky external drives used for backups. You can increase security and efficiency by setting up a private sync service on your VPS.
  • Testing Environment
    A VPS is considered as an excellent environment for the more tech-interested environment in order to test your new software, OS setups and now it is even possible to test your new hardware before deploying to the actual use case.
    VPS is really a cost-effective and booming solution being adopted by many business owners. If you are looking for exciting VPS plans then check out Nyki Cloud.

Nyki Cloud provides state-of-the-art VPS services with an experienced team to guide you throughout. If you are a novice wanting to host your first website or even a business trying to migrate to a new server, we guide you through your needs. We have flexible hosting plans to satisfy all your versatile needs and providing the best return on investment.
Trust us and experience the new age VPS hosting services served for your business plans.