Web hosting for small business: Everything you need to know

Web hosting for small business: Everything you need to know

Are you looking to shift your offline business online or are you a startup starting your journey? There is a great chance that you may be looking for fast, scalable as well as effective web hosting services. So getting a proper knowledge about web hosting becomes really crucial for small businesses.

When it comes to starting a journey in the online business, it may look like a cakewalk from outside, but in reality it is a lot more difficult to get through. According to some online research, it is found that 20% of the online business shut down in the starting year itself. While only 50% of those businesses pass the 5 year mark and even less that is 20% reach the 10 year mark.

This simply means that 80% of online businesses fail.

The most primary or root cause for this problem is that we do not give much importance to our website which is actually the backbone of our businesses. Another quite significant reason is the selection of the corect web hosting providers. Most small businesses end up choosing the improper web hosts without any proper research.
In this blog we will discuss some of the most important aspects of web hosting that you should know before selecting or looking out for a web hosting provider.

Whenever you launch a website you require a space to store all of your website data and for that you require a dedicated digital space. This is where web hosting comes into light.

Web hosting is a third party service that allows an individual to host a website on the internet and this allows users to access the website through the World Wide Web. A web hosting services provider will provide you with the latest and advanced technologies required for hosting your website on the internet and making it seamlessly accessible to your user base.

The website is hosted on a special computer remotely located somewhere called the server.


A web hosting company is simply a company that provides the required services and technologies that are important for hosting your website on the internet. A hosting company guarantees that all your functions compiled with your website are running smoothly and can be easily accessible by simply typing your web address.

Briefly, a Web Hosting company;

  • Manages and Maintains your website
  • Ensures you receive 24/7 support and assistance for any needs
  • Ensures complete protection against cyber threats and attacks
  • Provides technical support

After knowing what web hosting is, the next big thing is to know the various types of web hosting services available. There are different servers and hosting types available in the market. You just need to understand them in brief and choose the appropriate one for your small business.

There are four main types of web hosting available:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is one of the most cost-effective and apt choices for any entry-level website. It uses a single server to host multiple users. You can go through our blog on shared and dedicated hosting to get a more clearer idea.

VPS (virtual private server) Hosting: VPS hosting is quite similar to the shared hosting but the major difference is the dedicated space each website gets on a VPS hosting plan. You have a dedicated space on the shared server which you do not need to share with anyone. You can go through our blog on VPS hosting to get a more clearer idea.

Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated hosting comes a bit expensive but also offers some immense amount of benefits not present in any other plans. Most important is that you get an entire server and its your own personal space for your website owned by you and not shared with anyone. You can go through our blog on shared and dedicated hosting to get a more clearer idea.

Cloud Hosting: It’s one of the on demand computer system resources just like the VPS hosting service. But in the cloud you do not have a single server hosting a number of users. It is almost a hybrid of VPS.


Now you have knowledge of basics of web hosting and the various services available to you. Moving on you need to understand some of the very key and important features of web hosting. The features of web hosting tend to differ depending on the type of hosting you choose to use for your website. But all services come with necessary features required for hosting your website. Let’s understand some basic features of Web Hosting

  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Webspace
  • SSL Certificates & Sitelocks
  • cPanel
  • Backup

Bandwidth Usage: Your website’s network entirely depends on how good Bandwidth usage is on the server on which your website is hosted. Bandwidth and network are directly proportional. The higher the bandwidth the better your website can manage the higher traffic with a faster page loading time. Faster page loading is really important nowadays as consumer attention span is less. So a 1-second delay in page response can reduce your conversions by 7%.

Webspace: This needs to be considered in regard to the size of your website and how much space is needed for the website in the server. In general most web hosting plans provide unlimited disk space so you don’t need to think about this factor a lot.

SSL Certificates & Sitelocks: Sitelocks as well as SSL certificates are related to safety and security for your website. SSL refers to the security protocol that establishes a secure connection between the web browser and the server where your website is hosted. On the other hand Sitelock is a cloud based security tool which is extensively used by a web hosting provider to scan your website frequently for malwares or any potential vulnerabilities.

cPanel: It is a Linus based Graphical User interface merged with the latest features that enables the seamless functioning of your website.

Backup: This is a very crucial feature included with almost every plan. Still while choosing a plan make sure this is included as your backup is really important in case some mishap happens and you need to recover your website data.


Now coming to the end of road your doubt will be to choose which is the right web hosting provider suitable for hosting your business website.

When you are actively looking for a web hosting, the business must follow a process. Think of this with an analogy. Whenever you move to a new house you you check for the properties, cost, flexibility, facilities and other required factors according to your family needs and requirements. Then only you make a decision. Quite similar to that we choose a osting plan you need to research and continuously research until you fnd a reliable and suitable webs hosting provider.

Every business has their unique website needs and each website requires various different features. Certain web hosting providers may be providing you with excellent speeds and top class technologies while some other providers may be offering cheaper web hosting plans with a stable server.

So choosing the correct web hosting provider becomes crucial. You can look at our blog on things to look for when you are choosing a web hosting provider.

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