Ecommerce hosting: how to choose the best hosting provider

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If you are already running an Ecommerce store or maybe you are yet to establish your online presence by starting your online store using Ecommerce hosting. You must have given importance to Ecommerce hosting. The reason being it is highly responsible for the overall performance of your site, its efficient working, speed and security.
But the issue arrives when you are required to choose a reliable Ecommerce hosting provider who can cater to all your needs and provide the best solutions available. Finding an Ecommerce hosting provider is the initial and the most critical step towards developing and managing your online store and presence.
Starting an Ecommerce business from scratch is very difficult and overwhelming. So choosing the best Ecommerce hosting provider becomes really crucial for your journey in the future. So various questions arise to choose the best.
How do I choose from a variety of providers? What criteria should I lay to filter out the best providers? While choosing the best Ecommerce providers how do I compare the providers?
If this kind of question worry you and you feel lost, then don’t worry. This blog will clarify all your outstanding doubts and guide you to choose the best Ecommerce Hosting providers.
To help you throughout we will be discussing the various aspect of how to pick the best ecommerce hosting provider for all your needs, preferences as well as keeping in mind your budget.

Top things to consider while choosing an E-commerce hosting provider

Monthly Traffic Volume

What amount of monthly traffic are you expecting? Stating down a clear idea of how much traffic you expect is really important for making your choice. It is because then you can select your need-based provider and save lots of cost in the initial stage itself. If you are just beginning then there is a high probable chance that you won’t be getting a lot of traffic in the starting itself. So you can choose shared hosting plans for your small business Ecommerce store. You don’t need a high traffic capability providing ecommerce hosting.

Shared hosting is the best option available and is widely used for small businesses with minimal traffic. This simply means that your website will be stored on a single server with other websites that is similar to you. The resources provided by the shared hosting are divided as per the needs of all the websites on that server. For starting out or for smaller companies shared hosting is the most affordable solution.

But in case you are already an established seller looking for expanding and scale your business thinking about accommodating larger visitors on your site, then dedicated hosting cloud hosting is really important. In dedicated hosting contrary to the shared hosting you get a dedicated server to host your website only. You get dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, Storage for your website without getting shared. Cloud hosting is similar to shared hosting but has more scalability, flexibility and redundancy.


In this world of growing technology, we are getting advanced day by day and moving towards an online presence. Almost everything is online nowadays. This makes us prone to cyber threats as well. Cybersecurity s one of the major concerns for all companies nowadays. Websites are attacked on a daily basis and among them, some are extremely fatal to businesses stealing all their data leading to huge losses.

Cybersecurity is really important for small businesses particularly. Because they don’t have the required resources to handle a security break. In big business, they have dedicated firewalls as well as cyber experts to tackle breaches. But small businesses are more prone to such attacks and need to be really careful.

That’s why it is critical that while choosing the E-commerce hosting provider you check that a secure website infrastructure is provided with upt0date and latest updates added with security protocols. A secure Ecommerce hosting provider will act as a shield for your business against any attacks.


This is one of the major considerations while choosing an Ecommerce hosting provider. A reliable provider should offer you a detailed assurance on how it will protect the data collected from your website.

This is important for PCI DSS compliances. These are standards all businesses that transact via credit card must abide by these. In simple terms, it acts as a guarantee to customers to rely on online transactions via credit card on that particular website.

Website Transfer Services

Not everyone is a newbie or starting up their initial eCommerce store. There are people who already have their existing website and just want a reliable hosting provider to transfer their site to a new web hosting service.

If this is the case with you, then you need to choose an eCommerce hosting provider who offers domain transfer services. There are some hosting providers who provide technical help to assist in transferring your website from one host to another efficiently and rapidly.


This is again one of the important factors to consider. Budget is not unlimited for various small businesses and they have an instinct to go with the cheapest options available. However, the cheapest providers are not guaranteed to be always reliable. In the end, you might see yourself spending more on add-ons and other supplementary services making the deal quite expensive.

A smart idea is to invest in a reliable provider offering premium products for an E-commerce business. This means that you will have guaranteed high performance and low downtimes. So always ensure that you end up choosing a premium package from a reliable provider that includes a variety of features. This might look expensive at the start but in the long run, you will save more money than you will spend.

Customer Support

Security features and other factors are of extreme importance. But there is no other factor that can be as important as customer support. This will be the most used one and you will require efficient support from the team throughout your hosting journey

The best hosting providers are those who offer various supports including

  • 24/7/365 phone, chat and email support
  • A knowledge base that will act as an online library of information
  • Top priority to customers on expensive hosting plans
  • Automated notices in case servers are down
A good culmination of all these factors is crucial for choosing the best E-commerce hosting provider. Carefully inspect and compare and make the correct decisions.
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