Difference Between Dedicated Vs Shared Hosting

Difference between Dedicated vs Shared hosting

Difference Between Dedicated Vs Shared Hosting
Dedicated and Shared hosting are nothing but the various options available for you to host your websites. They both hold the data generated from your website on a single server. Whenever a user accesses your website and requests some data, the server processes the request and sends the data to them.

The main difference between dedicated Vs shared hosting is the server type in which your data is stored on your website. The only variance is observed in the server and the rest of the basic principle is similar in both. In shared hosting, basically your website shares the server with many other websites. Many users utilize the resources of the same server as your website. But with dedicated hosting plans you have your server all to yourself. There are numerous advantages and differences between these two. Let’s understand the major differences between dedicated and shared hosting so that it eases your process of choosing the best option for your business.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting simply world by hosting multiple websites on a single server. Some also compare shared hosting to a public bus system, as it comes very cheap and involves sharing resources with the other resources on the same server. It may be a case that hundreds or even thousands websites are hosted on a single server which creates certain advantages and disadvantages.

Who uses shared hosting?

Now the big question is who uses the shared hosting services. It is an ideal option for website owners who are looking for a beginner-friendly and a cost-effective option. Various businesses such as personal projects, small business or even medium sized businesses receiving medium traffic on websites can utilise the advantages of shared hosting. The drawbacks of this option are inconsequential until that particular website receives a significant amount of traffic that is too heavy to handle. Or the security protocols are reliable for ensuring safe transactions by users.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting simply means that your website is hosted independently on a single server dedicated specifically for your own website. This effectively cuts out the competition of resource allocation in case of shared hosting option and it produces robust and effective website performance throughout.

In analogy, if shared hosting is like a public transport in which you share it with others travelling. Then dedicated hosting is like your own car for travelling. You have the entire control of your car, where you take it, how fast you want to go and many more. But, you require a much more sound knowledge of the technology to control it as well as more costs in order to have dedicated servers.

Who uses dedicated hosting?


Dedicated hosting is appropriate for businesses that have very high bandwidth requirements and expect high end traffic and have specialized needs to cater to the traffic. For example, all the large companies having a large user base and lots of data would be willing to invest in this option adding on to the layer of security provided by dedicated hosting. It also provides the people having enough knowledge to customize their server as per their requirements without any restrictions.

Now let’s move on to the main topic of discussion in the blog: what is the difference between dedicated and shared hosting. The following points will help you decide and segregate between these two and ease your choice process.

Flexibility and customizability

Shared hosting does not allow any kind of customization as any changes made in the back-end of the server would get applied to all the websites hosted on the shared server.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting allows complete customization access to the users. Since you own an entire server and any changes won’t affect other websites, you can freely choose to customize, like choosing the operating system, configuring the environment for specific applications or optimizing the bandwidth and much more.


Reliability plays a crucial role when you are hosting your website. The chance of website slowdown or increased downtime are quite higher on shared hosting plans. This could be due to various reasons such as bad neighboring websites on the share server, or some websites utilizing more resources or maybe due to faulty coding. So these all can affect your website performance.

Dedicated hosting is one of the most reliable options that makes it the most preferred hosting options for businesses experiencing large traffic with a huge user base.


In this era of online presence, almost everything online is susceptible to cyber threats such as DDoS attacks, Hacking attempts, penetrations and much more. Share hosting plans are prone to higher probability of cyber attacks. Also as the server is shared with others, it opens up more possibilities for potential security breaches.

On the other hand, dedicated hostings provide greater security. Reliable hosting plans with guaranteed security can help you overcome these possibile cyber threats.


There are many instances where the shared hosting was found not scalable. However Nyki Cloud offers various shared hosting plans having scalable bandwidth. This means they do not limit the amount of data and traffic flowing through your website and the user is not limited at all. In case you start gaining heavier traffic and more users, we will work on our end and move your existing server to a new one having more resource capability to handle the traffic with optimum performance for all customers in the share hosting plan.

On the other hand dedicated hosting is obviously highly scalable as no competition is experience and you own all the resources in your server. This easily accommodates the higher growth.


When it comes to costs then this is one of the aspects where shared hosting has a clear and large marginal edge. Shared hosting can cost you around $1 to $20 a month. But dedicated hosting is highly costly with costs soaring over $530 per month depending on the plans you choose. It also incurs additional costs if there is a major problem in the server that requires the web host to look and resolve it.

Which hosting option is right for your business?

This is a crucial question that you need to ask yourself before choosing a plan randomly. Clearly establishing your business objectives and requirements followed by expected traffic is a good way to start. Compare these factors with all the factors listed and it makes your choice quite easier. Choosing the correct web hosting plans can save you a lot of time as well as money. If you cannot clearly determine between these two and your requirements fall in between these options, then go for VPS hosting. You can read out a blog on VPS hosting on our website to get a clear idea about it.

Once you have established a type of hosting you think is best for your website, you can check Nyki Cloud. We provide a lot of affordable as well as versatile packages that cater to all your needs. The most cost-effective solutions are offered by us and we guarantee excellence.

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