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We are here for empowering and connecting our clients to help their businesses succeed.

Empower Your Business

We all know the theoretical benefits of the cloud – the potential it offers to boost flexibility and drive value while reducing risk and cost. But the journey can feel daunting.

How do you minimize disruption to the business? How do you change mindsets and operating models to foster an agile culture? How do you future-proof your strategy? How do you extract value from data?

We answer these questions – and more you may not have considered.

NYKI Cloud is a global leader in cloud implementation, application development, managed services, and training. We’re certified providers with an experienced team for cloud-native tools and methodologies that help you and your customers maximize ongoing value.

Our Approach

Efficient. Commercially astute. Technically savvy. Those are 3 common ways clients describe our cloud-native approach.

Our approach is all about empowerment – because clients tell us this is a key factor in their success

After all, cloud adoption isn’t a goal in itself – it’s the means to driving value, velocity, and growth. Our approach is about enabling your mission.

Whatever your stage of cloud adoption or digital maturity, you have cloud natives working alongside you to help achieve your ambitions. Our goal is to guide, support and train – so your teams are positioned to extract ongoing value from everything the cloud has to offer.

Here’s how one client described the experience of working with us: “The word transformational is often used in IT, but in my experience is rarely delivered. Nordcloud, however, has delivered a transformational service. They turned the traditional model on its head and collaborated extensively through the design stage, architecting a solution that’s efficient, responsive, cost-effective, and transcends our entire technology stack. I happily recommend Nordcloud to other companies looking for a trusted partner to change their infrastructure to the latest cloud architecture.”


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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Technology Partners

We have partnered with pioneer technology platforms and solutions to help you achieve smarter business outcomes.